Diferentes produtos têm diferentes resultados e periodicidades de valorização. Recomendamos a diversificação do seu investimento de modo a balancear as naturais flutuações do mercado

1. Terms and Interpretation

Request - an irrevocable order to purchase / repay a unit of account (investment unit) filed by the Client
through its Personal area.

Investment Unit (Unit of Account) - a value defining the Client's participation interest in the investment portfolio.

Investment Portfolio - a totality of financial instruments the information about which is available at

Client - a person registered in the Personal area at the website

Company - ALVAFORCE LTD, charging investment units to the Client in the different investment portfolios.

Personal area - Client's area on the website of ALVAFORCE LTD on the basis of the Client Agreement concluded between the Client and ALVAFORCE LTD, available at

Limitation of Liability - the Company shall not be exempted of liability for the losses incurred as a result of intended abuse, deliberate violation or gross negligence of the Company while performing its obligations.

Buyer's Risks - the possibility of occurrence of the events that affect the change in the cost of a unit of account in the result of the change in the cost of assets in the investment portfolio.


Cost of a Unit of Account (Investment Unit) - the quantity calculated basing on the total cost of assets
in the investment portfolio as of the date of money payment by the Client.

"Abnormal Market Conditions" shall mean conditions contrary to Normal Markets Conditions e.g. when there is low liquidity in the market or rapid price movements in the market or Price Gaps.

"Client Account or Client's Investment Account or Investor Account" shall mean the personal account opened in the name of the Client, when the Client follows a Strategy Manager for the purpose of investing in the Strategy.

"Strategy Manager" shall mean a person and/or legal entity who agrees to provide a portfolio/PAMM as a Strategy Manager.

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